Saturday, March 8, 2014

National Genealogy Day - Mar. 8th; Chef Nancy Oakes

Chef Nancy Oakes
Nancy Oakes received the James Beard Awards for Best Chef in California in 2010, and Outstanding Restaurant for Boulevard in 2012, a restaurant that also earned a Michelin star. She co-authored the cookbook Boulevard: The Cookbook with Pam Mazzola and Kathy King, with whom she opened a second restaurant, Prospect. She’s also a regular contributor to Bon Appetit.

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March 8th is Genealogy Day. Adding family history information to your cookbook, even just basic information, can give the next genealogist in your family a jump-start. There are loads of programs out there to help, and Ancestry has charts you can download. If you don't have time or inclination for filling out charts, put that info in your contributor's index: Full name (with maiden name, where applicable) and birth/death dates.

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