Sunday, March 2, 2014

National Banana Cream Pie Day - Mar. 2nd; Chef Carrie Nahabedian

Chef Carrie Nahabedian
Carrie Nahabedian is a Chicago restaurateur, who earned a Michelin star review for NAHA, and a James Beard Foundation Award in 2008. In addition to her mother, she cites Julia Child as a major influence in her cooking. She has been inducted into the Chicago Culinary Museum’s Chefs Hall of Fame.

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March 2nd is Banana Cream Pie Day. I haven't mentioned my mother's mother as much, but I do have her recipes as well. When I was very small, she and Pop had a house fire, and probably lost a lot of any old recipes she may have had, so I don't have anything that's as old as some of the things in my dad's mom's box. I do have a recipe for Banana Cream Pie from her, though, was probably from when she was attending Weight Watchers. (It's diet pie.) If you gather a lot of special recipes like this one, you could put them in their own chapter, or mark them clearly in the title so they stand out on the page for people.

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