Thursday, March 20, 2014

Great American Meatout Day - Mar. 20th; Chef Anne-Sophie Pic

Chef Anne-Sophie Pic
Anne-Sophie Pic took over the family’s restaurant, Maison Pic, in 1997 with no formal training. The restaurant had lost its 3-star rating after her father’s death in 1995, and she gained it back in 2007, making her one of only 4 female chefs to have a 3-star rating. In 2011, she won Restaurant’s Veuve Clicquot award for World’s Best Female Chef. She opened Restaurant Anne-Sophie Pic, a 2-star restaurant, in 2009, and La Dame de Pic in 2012.

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March 20th is Great American Meatout Day, which encourages Americans to eat vegan for a day. That means no meat, but also no eggs or dairy products, and even honey is avoided. If you or any family members practice a vegetarian or vegan diet, you may decide to include those recipes as a separate chapter in your cookbook, with tips for following that healthy lifestyle.

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