Friday, March 7, 2014

National Cereal Day - Mar. 7th; Chef Suzette Gresham-Tognetti

Suzette Gresham-Tognetti is one of only a few women to receive a Michelin star, for her restaurant Acquerllo. She has received many culinary awards in addition to that Michelin star, and is involved with local culinary schools, and has a personal goal of continued learning, and passing that knowledge on to others. She has maintained her solid reputation for professionalism and passionate cooking, while being a full-time mother.

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March 7th is Cereal Day! There are so many recipes that use cereal, from the beloved Rice Crispy Treats to Chex Mix. 

I had to laugh at my mom who thought she lost her recipe for Chex Mix, and tried to make do with recipes she found online. I asked her, did you check the family cookbook? (She hadn't. It's in there.) Here's her mom's recipe for it:

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