Tuesday, February 18, 2014

National Drink Wine Day - Feb. 18th; Chef Kevin Sbraga

Chef Kevin Sbraga
New Jersey native Kevin Sbraga may be best known to some as the season 7 Top Chef winner. He's got his own restaurants, Sbraga and Fat Ham, with "menus that focus on pairing the most flavorful ingredients available with the perfect beverages." In addition to his restaurants, he also has a consulting business to help others with theirs.

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February 18th is Drink Wine Day! In 2000, when I did our first family cookbook, I was 30 years old. Certainly old enough to imbibe, but I hadn't really taken the time to develop a taste for wine. Now, even though I have, my husband has not, and I hate opening a bottle for just me. I think that probably puts our little family in the minority; a lot of Americans drink wine and enjoy it with their meals. Some of you probably have splendid suggestions for wine pairings with those meals. Why not add that do the recipe notes in your cookbook? Just one quick line, "Red Zinfandel goes really well with this Pepper Steak," would be all you needed, and it might be just the thing for someone just starting out. 

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