Monday, February 17, 2014

National Café au Lait Day - Feb. 17th; Chef Tanya Holland

Chef Tanya Holland
Holland is a restauranteur and author of New Soul Cooking, and The Brown Sugar Kitchen Cookbook due out later this year. She has classical French training, and been a contributor to many publications including Food and Wine and Travel and Leisure. Last year (2013), she received the California Travel Association's award of Restauranteur/Chef of the Year.

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February 17th is Café au Lait Day. That's every day for me, in part because I really love coffee with chicory, and you have to drink that with milk.

I have a particularly strong memory of Mom, Aunt Janice and Mamaw (and me for whatever reason) sitting at the kitchen table, with the adults talking and drinking coffee out of turquoise melamine cups. Mamaw used Milnot in her coffee. I don't know if that was a preference or a habit from necessity, but I remember the can of Milnot. 

Not all your memories have to be about the food and the cooking of it; they can also be something as simple as a moment in time.

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