Sunday, February 2, 2014

Crêpe Day - February 2nd; Chef Angela Medearis

Continuing my spotlight on African American chefs with

Chef Angela Medearis
Angela Shelf Medearis, "the kitchen diva," is a determined cook and author, with numerous children's books and several cookbooks under her belt, including The Kitchen Diva Cooks!, The Ethnic Vegetarian, The Kitchen Diva's Diabetic Cookbook, The African-American Kitchen, and The New African-American Kitchen. But her own words tell the best story:
"There is no race with food, if someone cooks something for you, you feel loved.  I have just passionately fallen in love with all things culinary.  I'm so glad I get an opportunity to introduce others to African and African American cuisine." (quoted from a PBS interview)
She also has a television program, The Kitchen Diva!, and a radio program.

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February 2nd is a hugely important day for me. Not because I am wildly fond of groundhogs, but because it's the day I met my husband. In fact, this year marks the silver anniversary of the day we met (and I told my roommate, who was his lab partner, "That's the man I'm gonna marry").

However, my sentimental attachment to the day has nothing to do with odd foodie holidays. For that, I give you Crêpe Day! Or if you're in France, la Chandeleur.

Available at Amazon.

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