Sunday, January 26, 2014

National Peanut Brittle Day - January 26th

We had Peanut Butter Day, this is Peanut Brittle Day. If peanuts are actually legumes and not true nuts, does that make peanut brittle a vegetable* dish? Hmm...

I encourage you to include in your cookbook temperature equivalents (just what is a "hot oven," anyway?†). If you don't happen to have a good candy thermometer, making recipes like peanut brittle are difficult. When you have a handy guide that explains exactly what "hard crack" is§, even less experienced cooks will be able to use the recipe. It's a little thing, certainly not required, but why not have it handy, rather than make someone turn to another cookbook or have to Google the answer?

Available at Amazon.

* Yes, I know legumes aren't vegetables, but close enough.
† Find oven temp info here: Kitchen Dictionary: Oven Temperature
§ Candy temp info here: Candy Temperature Chart

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