Monday, January 20, 2014

National Buttercrunch Day - January 20th

January 20th is Buttercrunch Day. What is buttercrunch, anyway? Well according to The Nibble, American-style toffee is buttercrunch. "Sorry folks, but if it's covered with chocolate and nuts, it's buttercrunch." So I guess Grandma's "Easy Heath Bar" candy is just wrong... at least according to that article. But honestly, do we really care? Butter and sugar and chocolate; whether you're calling it English Toffee (and wrong) or Buttercrunch (and pedantic), it's all delicious.

Well, shoot... I made a felt Buttercrunch ornament for my kitchen Christmas tree, but apparently neglected to take a photo of it. Ah well, I'll get a photo up in 10 months. 

Available at Amazon.

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