Thursday, January 16, 2014

International Hot & Spicy Food Day - January 16th

January 16th is Hot and Spicy Food Day! Spicy foods can be very good for you. Not only will they warm you up from the inside out and clear your sinuses, but many of the things that add kick to your dish are also antimicrobial. However, not everyone can tolerate the burn. My mom can't take it hot at all, but my dad loves it (or did, he's lost some of his tolerance for it).

When you're including recipes of dishes that are quite spicy, it might be wise to note This is spicy as a warning for people who've never made it before. Even better, suggest ways to cook it to make it less spicy, like indicating where reductions can be made in the ingredients or even eliminated, or substituted (like jalapeƱos for habaneros).

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