Saturday, January 25, 2014

National Irish Coffee Day - January 25th

January 25th is Irish Coffee Day, and holy cow could I use some! It's COLD out there! We have Irishman Joe Sheridan to thank for the boozy concoction. With that, I've got three tips to share when you're writing your family's cookbook:

1. Don't forget beverages! If someone in your family makes a killer eggnog, or the absolute best sweet tea, share that. And if you don't have a recipe for it, measure things as they make it next time (or ask them if they could please do so).

2. Don't neglect your family history! If a recipe has been passed down, be sure to trace as much of its lineage as possible. Some family meal traditions die out, or the reasons behind them are forgotten. Track everything down that you can; these are the things that bring history to life in your heirloom cookbook.

3. Don't forget the men! It's usual that women are the primary cooks in a family, but that's not always the case. So don't forget to approach your dad, your grandfather, your uncle, your brother, and ask them for anything they like to make. They may also have insights into things their mother (or father) cooked when they were a child. Recipes -- and stories -- come from everyone!

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