Monday, December 22, 2014

December Foodie Holidays: Week 4

Dec. 22: Date Nut Bread Day
Dec. 23: Pfeffernüesse Day
Dec. 24: Egg Nog Day
Dec. 25: Pumpkin Pie Day
Dec. 26: Candy Cane Day
Dec. 27: Fruit Cake Day
Dec. 28: Chocolate Candy Day
Dec. 29: Pepper Pot Day
Dec. 30: Bicarbonate of Soda Day
Dec. 31: Champagne Day

This is my paternal grandmother's aunt's recipe for fruit cake. She was born in 1892, and died the year I graduated from high school. Sadly, I never met her.

And that's the year in "foodie" holidays! If you want to add something extra to your cookbook, why not include contributor's birthdays, and the corresponding food holiday, just for fun?

Here are the websites I referenced while writing these pages:

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