Saturday, November 22, 2014

November Foodie Holidays: Week 4

Nov. 22: Cashew Day, Cranberry Relish Day
Nov. 23: Espresso Day
Nov. 24: Sardines Day
Nov. 25: Parfait Day
Nov. 26: Cake Day
Nov. 27: Bavarian Cream Pie Day
Nov. 28: French Toast Day
Nov. 29: Chocolates Day, Lemon Cream Pie
Nov. 30: Mousse Day

I got this recipe from my dad, who made it when Mom was either out of town or under the weather and not cooking, I don't recall which. (She was appalled.) The directions are a bit scanty, but "simmer until done" is about par for the course for chili, really.

Sardine Chili
1 tin sardines (plain)
1 can chili beans w/ seasoning
1 can tomato chunks
1 bottle tomato juice
1 envelope chili seasoning
Directions: Simmer until done.

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