Sunday, February 9, 2014

National Bagels & Lox Day - Feb. 9th; Chef Sunny Anderson

Chef Sunny Anderson
Anderson was born in New Orleans, but her military family took her all over the world. She was in the Air Force and hosted a radio program in South Korea, then for the Air Force News Agency in Texas, before she ended her military career. She continued to work in radio until starting her own catering company in New Jersey, before making her first appearance on the Food Network, and currently hosts Home Made in America with Sunny Anderson. She's the author of the cookbook Sunny's Kitchen.

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February 9th is Bagels and Lox Day! This is a Jewish-American dish, at one time something you could get only in NYC delis, but once the railroad started moving west, so did the cured salmon.

Cultural traditions are definitely something you want to include in your cookbook. Don't assume that because you know why the family does something, that future generations will also know. Time can fade and obscure memories. Plus, a lot of people are part of blended families, and it's even more important to note those traditions so that someone new to the family can learn about them, too.

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